2019 / August

Feels something like summertime

Summertime by Bon Jovi

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

In the final of our Summertime trilogy we will be considering the Bon Jovi song. Returning to the theme of our DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince blog, this song also explores something of the refreshing feeling of summer-time:

Top down and nothin’ but time. Radio’s on and your by my side. Feels something like summertime.

We are once again returned to the idea that summer-time can be a season where we re-ignite our love of simply enjoying the straight-forward things in life. Perhaps encouraged by the good weather (which we occasionally get!), but certainly prompted by making the decision to look beyond the daily grind of the usual routines:

These days life goes like this. Wake up, check that off of some list. Gotta be a little something more than this. The bottom of my coffee cup.

But where do we start in trying to see beyond the tasks of the immediate? Well it certainly doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the things which we enjoy, and which motivate us to keep going through the usual routine:

I keep a postcard in the back of my mind. White sand, sunshine. And you singing like a brand new diamond. It’s keeping me for giving up. Thinking like I had enough

But beyond this the song recognises our own role in enjoying making plans with our aspirations in mind:

Life mapped out on the back of my hand. When I was laughing, I was making plans.

So, this summer can be a chance to pause and refocus. Remember where you are heading and why you are heading there. This might mean a change of direction in September. Perhaps a new start, a new job, a new location, or a new attitude. Allow this August to be a time when you take the opportunity to enjoy the simplicity of life, not being bound by the daily checklist, but refreshed to know where you are heading in life.

This summer could well be the summer when you feel something like summertime, and it helps you to start September refreshed, refocused and realigned.

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